Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Samstag, 20. September 2014

Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Queen Of Hearts

Revival of this blog and the weekly drawing challenge. To be fair, the queen of hearts may not be the most original motive to draw, but still always is fun to do.

Montag, 9. Juni 2014


Here some stuff from my painting classes: For the second project in my monday course we should pick a painting from the Gallery of NSW, do research on the painter and his work and make or our interpretation from that. I choose a very grey twilight painting of the Thames by James McNeill Whistler. 

In my colour class on tuesday the third project involves copying a (reproduction of) a painting with a lot of different beautiful colours and making colour notations on the mixing so we can produce a second painting with the same colour range. I went for sexy paradises...  (my second painting is not finished yet)

Freitag, 6. Juni 2014


Sitting six hours straight through in front of the screen leaves you with hunger, an acking back and the good feeling of getting shit done!

Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

Orion the great hunter

with his two dogs Sirius and Procyon.
I am making little comics about the star-constellations... there will be more of it.

Montag, 26. Mai 2014

In Type-class!

Let's design a body text in six weeks. Yaaaii!
I am making letters out of paper strokes.

Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014


This is the first project from my "Urban Environment"-Class here at the College of Art in Sydney. The task was to pick a specific place in the CBD (City Buisness District) and do a work in regards to the historic context of it. While researching I stumbled over the Observatory and Observatory Hill. 
The Hill is the highest topografical point of Sydney and has been long the best place to overview the whole city. Although a lot of skyscrapers have been built in the last century you can still have a beautiful view to the west in the direction of Darling Harbour and on Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The first windmill in Sydney was built there, a flag-station to coordinate the movement of the ships was active till the 1920s and the Observatory, the oldest of its kind in Australia, built in 1858 was a significant place for navigation, shipping, meteorology, timekeeping and of course studying the stars seen from the Southern Hemisphere. It is a museum now and worth a visit.

I have not expected to end up doing a project with digital collage... but well... life.