Montag, 26. Mai 2014

In Type-class!

Let's design a body text in six weeks. Yaaaii!
I am making letters out of paper strokes.

Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014


This is the first project from my "Urban Environment"-Class here at the College of Art in Sydney. The task was to pick a specific place in the CBD (City Buisness District) and do a work in regards to the historic context of it. While researching I stumbled over the Observatory and Observatory Hill. 
The Hill is the highest topografical point of Sydney and has been long the best place to overview the whole city. Although a lot of skyscrapers have been built in the last century you can still have a beautiful view to the west in the direction of Darling Harbour and on Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The first windmill in Sydney was built there, a flag-station to coordinate the movement of the ships was active till the 1920s and the Observatory, the oldest of its kind in Australia, built in 1858 was a significant place for navigation, shipping, meteorology, timekeeping and of course studying the stars seen from the Southern Hemisphere. It is a museum now and worth a visit.

I have not expected to end up doing a project with digital collage... but well... life.