Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013


Season-character-design... ah hell, they're all way to cute...

Winterwölfen's companion is a little wolf who bares similar marks on its fur. I haven't decided yet if it is just a different incarnation of the character itself or a being of its own.

I'm pretty sure somewhere underneath all that fluffiness winterwölfchen conceals a bitter and very cold side, after all she is an incarnation of the winter... Please don't ask me where she's hiding it.

the doublepage below is where she appeared the first time out of left over acryl colour which I normally smear onto my sketchbookpages. The wolf appeard the same time, so they're kind of one thing.

On the right side winterwölfchen and madame du printemps are having some tea together. I thought since their realms touch each other maybe they come to be quite good friends.

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